Dear friends of Houses of Hope Ministries International,

This is the last newsletter of the year 2021. An emotional year, both personal and ministry-wise.

This year again we experienced that God is a God of faithfulness and has blessed us abundantly with lots of donations and gifts to expand the ministry.
After a break of two years due to the Covid-19 situation Wim flew to Ghana on October 14 to see how the Houses of Hope Ministries International has developed during that time. Of course there had been communication with Senior-pastor Cenninck Boateng, almost daily by phone or video.
Normally Wim visits the churches and all projects twice a year, in his position as the founder of the apostolic ministry of Houses of Hope Ministries International.
Normally we have the leaders’ seminar in November and the Easter-conference in spring. In the past two years this was done in a limited way or not at all, like the Easter-conference. Last November 2021 Wim returned home from Ghana.

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